Miss Court Reporter loves her clients!One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is receiving unanticipated expressions of gratitude from my clients.  I consider the things I do in this profession to be my duty, and I certainly do not expect any special thanks for assisting my clients.

However, those kind words are very significant to me, and I hope my potential clients might find them helpful.



Arthur J. Jones, Esq., The Arthur Firm, P.L., North Miami, Florida

Dear Suzanne:  . . . Furthermore, I would like to express tremendous appreciation for having had the great luck of finding you to be the court reporter for this out-of-town witness!  You have been extremely helpful, proactive, reliable, and thorough.  If there were more people I could find like you with whom I could coordinate to accomplish my professional obligations, my graying hair color would fortunately suffer a major stunt in its growth.  Thank you again for your manner and professionalism . . . and your patience.


Toni Martin, Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, Jackson, Mississippi

Wow!  Thanks for the quick turnaround!
Thanks so much!!  Man, you are quick!


Teresa Dennington, Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, Jackson, Mississippi

Hey, I knew you would get it.  You are the best.


Harry M. Wilson, P.E., DEE, Chief of the Environmental Permits Division, Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, Jackson, Mississippi

Plz tell [Suzanne] thanks for her hard work as usual.


Karen Hunter, paralegal, Law Offices of Chris Malcom, Esq., Moulton, Alabama

Thank you so much, Suzanne.  I certainly appreciate all you do for us!!!
Thanks so much for all you do.  It is always a pleasure working with you.


Amy Lavender Rodgers, paralegal, Battle & Winn, LLP, Birmingham, Alabama

Thank you for getting this to us so quickly!


Bob Lang, Esq., Lawrence County District Attorney, Moulton, Alabama

Thank you.  This working copy will work and priority mail for Monday will be fine.  Thank you so much for getting this to us on short notice.


Gary Morgan, Laura Nichols, & Gail Pritchett, owners of Tyler, Eaton, Morgan, Nichols and Pritchett, Birmingham, Alabama

Dear Suzanne, Thanks so much for helping us out at Tyler Eaton!  We value you and your great can-do attitude.


The Honorable Lamar Pickard, Circuit Judge, 22nd Circuit Court District, Hazlehurst, Mississippi

Dear Suzanne: . . . We have all enjoyed working with you for the past four months and were most pleased with the professionalism and proficiency you brought to the position of Additional Official Court Reporter. . . . Perhaps it will be our pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future. . . . Once again, I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed working with you and would welcome the opportunity to do so again at any time in the future.



Matt Stencel, principal, Tidemoon, LLC, Denver, Colorado

Thanks, Suzanne.  This article looks great and sounds good on moving forward!

Hey, Suzanne.  This is a great article, very nice work!  We definitely appreciate you helping us get that up there.


Craig Wintersteller, principal, Wintersteller Marketing, Aurora, Colorado

Hi Suzanne . . . Thought this was a great article and very detailed, perfect for the Panda update in more than one way.  For instance, Panda likes when you list the pros and cons of a topic, which you did a great job of and not to mention it’s obvious it’s written by a professional court reporter.  I loved the part when you discuss the medical jargon “CABG” . . . pretty funny.


John Krzywicki, marketing director, Jonas Marketing, Denver, Colorado

. . . and nice job writing the article, Suzanne!  I read through, it looks and reads well . . . and it contains some new unique information . . . great info.


Past Statements of Reference I Am Honored to Have Received:

The Honorable William L. Waller, Jr., Mississippi Supreme Court, Jackson, Mississippi

I employed Ms. Lee as a legal secretary and she was supervised by me for two years.  She is intelligent, has a solid work ethic and impeccable character.  She has an excellent grasp of the workings of our legal system and thoroughly understands all basic types of legal proceedings.  Ms. Lee is mission-oriented and would promptly and professionally complete all assigned tasks as a court reporter.


Governor William L. Waller, Sr., Law Offices of Waller & Waller, Jackson, Mississippi

Applicant worked in my law office for several years exhibiting high personal dedication and professional skills.  She is extremely competent and ambitious.  Her skills will make her an excellent court reporter.


John A. Crawford, Esq., Butler Snow O’Mara Stevens & Cannada, PLLC, Jackson, Mississippi

Suzanne worked as my secretary.  During this time I had occasion to observe her transcription skills and her attention to details.  I was aware of her continuing training for her court reporter’s certificate.  She is very dedicated; very careful in her secretarial work and, most importantly, places a very high value on the profession of court reporting.  Therefore, while not actually using her services as a court reporter, I have a reasonable basis for forming an opinion regarding her abilities and capabilities for this position.


Laraine R. Smith, Office Manager for Butler Snow O’Mara Stevens & Cannada, PLLC, Jackson, Mississippi

Suzanne Lee is a highly qualified legal secretary.  Her skills are above average and her work ethic is above reproach.  Her knowledge of legal terminology is superior and her speed is consistently fast.


Thomas T. Dunbar, Esq., Dunbar Law Office, Jackson, Mississippi

Ms. Lee has worked with me as an office assistant, paralegal, timekeeper since July of 1996 (periodically).  I only know she is in training to become a court reporter.  Her abilities and knowledge of the legal field are extensive.


Gail Duke, Court Reporting Instructor, Hinds Community College, Raymond, Mississippi

Suzanne has been a joy to have in class.  She is a former high school English teacher — her writing skills are excellent . . . She is dedicated and hardworking.  She will make an excellent court reporter.