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County jail to snip 30 days off prison sentences if inmates get a vasectomy (Fri, 21 Jul 2017)
Officials in White County, Tennessee have given inmates the option of ending their jail sentence early if they voluntarily agree to have a vasectomy or birth control implant.
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Teachers union not backing bill nixing teacher-student sex (Fri, 21 Jul 2017)
A legislative proposal in Massachusetts that has the strong support of police would outlaw sexual relationships between teachers and students 19 years of age and younger. But teacher union support has yet to materialize.
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Former Miss USA contestant accused of smuggling drugs (Fri, 21 Jul 2017)
Fox411: Kia Hampton, a former Miss USA contestant from Kentucky, is facing arraignment after being accused of sneaking drugs to an inmate inside an Ohio prison
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News from PIFeed.com . . .

Why Attorneys Don’t Hire Private Investigators (Fri, 30 Jun 2017)
"Unreliable. Rule-benders. Ineffective. Unresponsive. Unable to help." These are the negative perceptions private investigators are up against. Beat that standard, and you're in business.
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University of New Haven Launches Artifact Genome Project for Digital Forensics Worldwide (Wed, 21 Jun 2017)
News The University of New Haven has set up what it envisions to be the major hub to connect cyber forensics teams the world over: the Artifact Genome Project. Artifacts are traces of digital history that could tell investigators a story of crime. Staff Author:  Seth Augenstein Topics:  Digital Forensics
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Forensic Technique Reveals Sex of Prehistoric Hand Stencil Artists (Mon, 19 Dec 2016)
News Prehistoric ancestors creating human hand stencils in caves 40,000 years ago can now be identified as male or female with more than 90 percent accuracy. Contributed Author:  University of Liverpool
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